Mexico is a country that offers a wide range of incentives to receive foreign investment flows. This is because within the emerging stronger. As China and Brazil, Mexico is a nation that is very close to the transition to development due to structural changes has been carried out, making it a very attractive country for investors.

Workforce Labor    
• Mexico has a workforce of young and educated, and that 55% of this workforce is under 25 years of age.
  • The cost of labor in the country is competitive.

• The percentage of labor force growth is 2.8% per year.

Geographical and strategic location  
• Mexico shares a border of 1958.56 miles. With the United States (one of the largest markets in the world), which facilitates the implementation of cross-border programs, helping to reduce costs and time to sell your products or services to the U.S. market.

• It is the bridge between North, Central and South America.

• You have access to the two great oceans of the world, the Atlantic and the Pacific, allowing you to have a faster and more efficient communication with markets such as Asia and Europe.

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Country file    
Basic data:
Population 2012: 100 million, urban 71% rural 29%
Area: 712,799.75 miles²
Language: Spanish
Business Language: English
Capital: Mexico City, 25 Million
Other Major Cities: Monterrey, Guadalajara
Currency: Peso
Exchange System: USD Based
GDP Growth: Mexico's economy grew 3.9% in 2011 to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.
Manufacture Exports: Cotton textiles.
Main Exports: Petroleum, coffee, machinery, chemicals, crustaceans, cotton, textiles, cars.
Free Trade Agreements:
Mexico is the country with the largest number of FTAs in the world.
Population: 141,482
Area: 209.09 miles²

Logistics competitive advantage:    
Main truck transportation routes  
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Time flight    
Flight time from factory to destination

03:00 hrs.

Dallas: 02:30 hrs.

Los Angeles: 03:40 hrs.


02:00 hrs.

New York City: 05:00 hrs.

Atlanta: 02:45 hrs.

Several routes of ships    
Major ports close to us

• Manzanillo

• Lázaro Cardenas

• Veracruz

Inland ports    
Truckin time to US Custom Border    
Ixtlahuaca-Nuevo Laredo: 20:00 hrs.